We do interior design that is innovative, we do the unexpected, we bring an edgy elegance to our clients projects.

Bridget Ray Interior Design is located in Orlando, Florida. Our work consists of residential,high-end residential, and select commercial projects. Providing exceptional turn-key interior design, that delivers valuable solutions and provides time and money savings and increased productivity for our clients, defines our value in what we do. Believing design is inspired, we run with a creative vision and the result is something stunning, adventurous, and innovative. Our clients typically seek something original, perhaps unexpected and maybe even crazy. We love that, and it’s what we’re great at providing. We understand design is personal, an investment, and impacts peoples lives immensely. We approach our projects as a collaborative effort with homeowners, builders and developers, and business owners, making the process efficient, rewarding, and fun. Call us to learn more and how we can be of benefit to you on your next project.