Bridget Ray Interior Design

Designing spaces for clients that seek something bold, with an edgy elegance.

We are forward-thinking, open-minded, and we dare to be different.

Bridget Ray Interior Design is not what you think of when you think of typical Florida design.  Edgy elegance, innovative, unexpected designs and extraordinary service are what you can expect when you work with our firm.  It is about more than just the aesthetic and talent; It’s also about the experience and the process that will make the project and success.

A design project can be overwhelming. The unknown of how and where to begin, how the process works, the time and expense required to do the job are all key factors in any design venture that need to be considered. We collaborate with homeowners, custom builders and developers, and business owners. We help clients navigate through the design process, and we deliver well-planned interiors that “wow”!

When you hire a designer certified by the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification), you hire a professional with proven knowledge, experience and proficiency in the interior design principles of protecting the public health, safety and welfare.  We practice the interior design profession’s legal and regulatory standards established by over half of the US States and Canadian provinces.

Private & Residential Clients

Luxury interior design requires great attention to detail, and a willingness to make things happen.  We approach with the attitude of we’ll do what it takes to make things happen for each client.

Our design process follows a systematic and coordinated methodology.  This includes research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into the creative process, ensuring that projects run smoothly.

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Builder and Developers

Luxury custom homes and condos are projects that we love to do and we partner with master custom builders and developers on projects that need a high attention to detail.

Special amenities, distinct spaces, and luxury materials are some of the items homeowners are looking for, and our firm is in tune with helping builders find them, within the budget and timeframes required.

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Hospitality & Commercial

Having a background in the hospitality design industry, we understand the importance of the design of public spaces as well as the guestrooms and restrooms.

We work with owners to fully understand the goals and branding of the establishment, and how to best provide the interior design to compliment these goals. We believe in creating spaces that customers, clients, and employees are going to enjoy.

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Who We Are

Bridget Ray Interior Design is located in Orlando, Florida. Our work consists of luxury residential, hospitality, and select commercial projects.

Living in a world of “sameness” and “me too-ness” is not where we fit in, and our clients are looking to set themselves apart as well. We provide innovative ideas, valuable solutions, and extraordinary service to our clients. We specialize in full-service interior design, such as new construction, renovations, kitchen and bath design, finish selections, interior furnishings and much more.

Meet the Owner

Bridget Ray

Owner and Interior Designer

Kind of a rare breed, a native Floridian, Bridget Ray was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida.  Her love and fascination with interior design started at a very young age when she would dream up designs and draw floor plans of houses.  Known for her edgy elegance, she is attracted to pattern, texture, rich color, metallics and shimmering materials.  This allows her endless possibilities to be innovative and to do the unexpected in her work.


Bridget is a graduate of The University of Alabama, with a Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences and a major in Interior Design.  When she returned to Orlando, she landed a position as a Hospitality Designer at Fugleberg Koch Architects in Winter Park, focused on projects ranging from national chains, local resorts, and international resorts in Africa and the Carribean.  In 2013 she launched her own firm.


Bridget is a licensed interior designer accredited by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), the highest qualification in the industry.  Based in the greater Orlando area, the firm serves clients throughout Florida, across the US and internationally.

First Consultation

Our clients typically seek something original, perhaps unexpected and maybe even crazy. We love that, and it’s what we’re great at providing. We understand design is personal, an investment, and impacts peoples lives immensely. We approach our projects as a collaborative effort with homeowners, builders and developers, and business owners, making the process efficient, rewarding, and fun.

Call us to learn more and how we can be of benefit to you on your next project.

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