Hello! I’m Bridget Ray, owner and lead designer of Bridget Ray Interior Design in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been doing interior design for a long time; I’m taking about pre-email/internet times and when faxing was a thing. I started my own business because it was a dream I had since I was a teenager. I love what I do, maybe too much for some people, but it’s in my blood.

In a nutshell, I would classify my aesthetic as an edgy elegance, a grown up Goth, and one that pushes the envelope to escape “sameness.” I’m a problem solver, forward-thinker, and a perfectionist. I use my inherent attributes to work with clients who face the overwhelm, the unknown, and the time to take on a design project alone. When you work with me, you’ll experience a seamless, stress-free process with results that will “wow” you.


In case you’re interested in my credentials and education, I have that right here:
I’m a graduate of The University of Alabama, with a Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences, and a major in Interior Design. What in the world is Human Environmental Sciences you ask?

It’s just the department on campus that encompasses various degrees within the college. However, Interior Design does involve so much more than color selections and furniture selection. We study a little bit of human psychology and human-environmental interactions that play into the overall piece of creating a design.

After I completed college, I came back to Orlando and began my career at a large architectural firm, Fugleberg Koch Architects, and landed a position as a Hospitality Designer. I worked on projects ranging from national chain hotels and restaurants, local resorts, and some international resorts in Africa and the Caribbean.

I’m also a licensed interior designer accredited by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), which is the highest qualification in the industry. I chose to put myself through the stress of studying and taking three grueling exams in order to have the acronyms after my name. I also did this because I wanted to be able to practice commercial and hospitality design. This stuff is highly regulated in Florida, and I didn’t want to do work I wasn’t allowed to be doing. But I can work with clients in the greater Orlando area as well as throughout Florida, across the US, and internationally.